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Kanye West Is ‘98 Randy Moss


What I am about to say isn’t a novel thought or the first time you probably have heard this (but that won’t stop me from dropping a couple hundred words). But by the time the third track, “I Am a God”,y came on it was more clear than when Kanye himself laid it out on “The College Dropout” ender “Last Call”.

——This is also not novel…Randy Moss broke football in 1998.

Kanye West is perpetually Randy Moss during his rookie 1998 NFL season.

You can only hope to have a year like ‘98 Moss. You can only hope to have a career like Kanye.

Moss was passed over by 20 teams before being taken by Minnesota at 21. The season that followed was one big fuck you to those 20 teams.

Chicago passes Moss over at 5, taking RB Curtis Enis instead. Over two games against Chicago, Moss catches 10 balls for 158 yards and four tocuhdowns. And that might have been Moss going easy.

Green Bay takes Vonnie Holliday at 19 leaving Moss hanging. Moss decides 13 catches for 343 yards and four touchdowns versus Green Bay is fair compensation for the Draft Day humiliation.

For whatever reason Moss reserved his worst punishment for the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas went with Greg Ellis (LB, UNC) at number nine abstaining from taking Moss despite being known as a team willing to take a chance a on talented player with character questions.

Moss repaid that favor in a single game against Dallas. Three catches, three touchdowns, 163 yards. You’ve made a huge mistake.

That was just five games for Moss.

And before everyone of those games Moss listened to “I Am a God”.

Dear Mountain Dew,

You may want to use Kid Cudi’s “Enter Galactic” in your next commercial for Kickstart.

If you were ok with using a song about “waking and baking” then I don’t see the need to draw the line at psilocybin enhanced coitus.

You’re Welcome,

The Doctor

ps. You may want to get on this before Pringles releases a flavor called “Galactic”. The “pop that, get ready, let’s go” lends itself too easily to their whole shtick.

Mountain Dew executives have to know that the song in this commercial is called “Up Up and Away (Wake and Bake Song)” right?

That is definitely another way to Kickstart your day.

A while back my brother Grady and I engaged in an epic debate about who was a better player Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez. I was supporting Jeter while Grady was all about ARod.

Well with some help from my friends at FanGraphs, I was able to create an advanced statistic or two to help prove my case. On top of finding other advanced statistics that are readily available if you just know where to look.

Special thanks to Jonah Keri for helping me quantify each player’s “immeasurables”.

NFL Equation #213

NFL Equation #213

4 days until Pretty Sweet comes out.

The Doctor can’t wait.

Fantasy Draft chats are the best.

Fantasy Draft chats are the best.

Yes, Virginia. There are railroad fans.

Guards - I See It Coming

The Doctor Approved Jam of the Week. As heard in Element’s Future Nature during the Am montage.

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